Editorial work

Editorial work

Do good things and talk about it!

You have something to say on an interesting technical topic from the fields of retail or healthcare? Good content is the basis for successful communication. Draw attention to your company and products in the desired target group with interesting topics. Convey expertise and thus improve your image.

Our strength lies in the development of the strategy and the creation and optimization of your texts. You provide the content - we ensure that it is published professionally. Our editors create, edit and optimize your texts.

Behind this is a custom concept on what content has to be placed in which medium. Thus your content can be found in the right place and the right tone and you are able to reach the desired target group.

Good content can be found and the possibilities of representation are numerous. Once you have invested in the creation of a professional article or interview, the content can be recycled several times as news on your website, as a press release for the trade press, in a newsletter to your customers or in reputable online portals as a report or an advertorial. The promotional effect of technical texts is far greater than that of pure advertising messages. Engage your customers, partners and the trade press this way, convey respectability and competence and increase your acceptance and especially your reputation.

The choice is yours - our experts take care of the rest.

Your contact person

Your contact person

Mareike Scholze
Editorial Management

Tel. +49 (0)228/91937-21



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